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Do you want to script your own life story?

Do you want to improve the caliber of your writing?

Do you want to know more about mythology?

Modern study of mythology confirms that myths are metaphors for the human condition that in many ways appear to be amazingly constant and universal.  Even after tens of thousands of years, human beings continue to travel through life passages that seem to be our lot in life: birth, puberty, maturation, decline and death.

Joseph Campbell says: “It would not be too much to say that myth is the secret opening through which the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos pour into human cultural manifestation.”

Come with me as we learn about Archetypes, Mythic Themes, the Hero’s Journey, and the relevance of mythology in today’s world. Maybe we will glimpse that “secret opening”.

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  1. Hi, Margo. I met you in Iowa City, w/ Pamela Fitzgerald. I just checked your website here and thought I’d say hi. I hope you and yours are well, and I wish you a good year in 2015.

    When I saw your questions above this form, I found I am curious about mythology and the current plight of humankind.

    I’ve been reading from a new social-political pamphlet online: “ONE-Party Planet”. I appreciate the writer’s candor & awareness. Martin Kirk describes how our current geo-politics is quite nasty & brutish; and is the result of a system. But no one is really responsible for the establishment of the Establishment.

    This one party across many governments and giant corporations, which Kirk calls Neoliberalism, holds most all modern political power in its grasp; it is government by a clique of the powerful, for the powerful; and is driving humans–and likely itself– into a seemingly inexorable early grave, planetwide [along with many other species].

    I know of caterpillars and butterflies. Maybe our species is in a process of dissolving, like a caterpillar. Maybe we will cohere into a new, healthy form. I wish that we will re-organize our culture and our governing values to robust cooperation.

    And, I don’t feel hopeful… I’m curious what light+ warmth, if any, mythology might shed on our times.

    Douglas in IC

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