Mything Link Workshop Overview

Mything Link: Keys to Successful Story

                 An intensive course for screen writers and film enthusiasts with mythologist, Margo Meck, Ph.D.

Your story starts here.

Student Comments:
“This class will give you some great tools for having character and story anchors in your script.” – Mariellen

“Margo’s vast knowledge of stories and characters was amazing and helped me understand my story better.” – Rene

“Absolutely fascinating. Valuable information for the screenwriter, cinema fan, or other arts aficionado.” – Cory

This class that Margo taught was exactly what I needed right now to get my brain re-started to thinking about storytelling differently.” – Alexis

“As I was listening to Margo, many new thoughts and ideas came into my mind which I know will help me in my future writing endeavors.” – James

Let Mything Link help you thread your way out of the labyrinth we writers often find ourselves in as we develop and write our story. You will be introduced to archetypal patterns, the structure of the Hero’s Journey, character archetypes, and the complexity of the human drama found in myth and all enduring stories. Mything Link: Keys to Successful Story is designed to help writers access those unchanging constants of the human condition and perceive the forces underlying human activity captured by myths so that you may improve the quality, relevance and cohesiveness of your story.

Class Schedule: 
Dates and venues for this course
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Course Elements
Lecture: all of the various components of the Hero’s Journey, character archetypes, and an introduction to mythic motifs will be explored through traditional lecture format.

Storytelling: telling the stories of myths and fairy tales from several traditions are integrated into the presentation.

Exercises: alone and in groups, we will have in-class writing exercises and thematic-based story development.

Film Screenings: the lecture is complemented with clips from classic and current films to give specific examples of elements under discussion.

Discussion: learn how to apply the information presented to your specific project through open discussion with the instructor and group interaction.

How we can help: You have a story to tell. Let Myth and More help you bring your story to life.  Learn the keys to successful story through understanding the basic truths within the human drama reflected in myths.

Margo Meck, Ph.D. received her doctoral degree in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA. She is a writer, story consultant, and lecturer. She has also lectured on Personal Mythology, Proof of Identity in Myth and Fairytale, and Psyche and Nature.

Presenter :  Margo Meck, Ph.D. of Myth and More . . . 

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