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Myths are stories that are more than entertaining depictions of human activity.  Myths, in some mysterious way, capture potent psychic energy that fuels the imagination of a whole collective.  They are expressions of the psyche and they reflect humanity’s basic emotional fabric.

Myths are a great resource for a deepened understanding of:


In today’s world the word “archetype” is bandied about.  C.G. Jung suggested that an archetype cannot be known.  However, through various images of it, an understanding of an archetype may be deepened.  For example, the Trickster archetype is understood more extensively if you know the Greek myths of Hermes, the Yoruba myths of Eshu-Elegba, the Apache myths of Coyote, and the Inuit myths of Raven, to name a few.

Myths also provide a structure for understanding this thing we call “life”.  James Joyce called it the “monomyth”.  Based on Joseph Campbell’s work, this structure has also been named the Hero’s Journey.  This structure assists us in understanding our own life transit and it is a helpful guide when telling stories about it.

Mythic themes tend to relate unchanging aspects of the human condition; from lust, greed, and betrayal to genesis, transformation, and rebirth.  We see mythic themes reported in today’s headlines as well as classic literature such as Shakespearean plays.

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I hope you find the information on this site useful. I look forward to dialoguing with you about the myths that are present in your life.

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